Claire Frances Photography

"I liked the colour in my photos and how Claire advised me so the colours in the shoot would coordinate with my house.  I picked three of my 10x8 prints and purchased three frames with Claire which furnish my home very well"


"Whenever I look at the images on my Usb I see what Claire could see.  Our walkabout had great energy from one set of photos to the was a smooth fun adventure.  With so much variety we did not have a problem picking our favourites as we had selected the Platinum Package.  The children were kept entertained.  Claire  took pictures with them when they were set and ready . She  also  took other photos when they were busy playing or adventuring... so she managed  to capture them so naturally without them being aware at all!    I have the usb stick in my own electronic frame and I can see the images on a slideshow everyday.   Claire arranged them with a great narrative and all guests to my house are impressed!  I am looking forward to picking one or two and looking at the acrylic options once my extension is finished!   "


"It was hard to choose the images for our cards and calendars.  The photos were brilliant and the ones of the kids fantastic! "  


"Claire covered our Charity Conference.  When we look at the pictures they really talk to us and they met the brief.  She captured the professionals very well.  Claire comprehensively covered the agenda and also candidly captured the  unguarded moments when we were lost in thought.  These images  were powerful images that we can use in many ways which  show real emotion and commitment to our cause."


"Before booking I looked at her portfolio and for me it was the expression Claire could capture in the eyes which separated her from other photographers. 

Claire attedended our event and gained our trust quickly.  Looking at the finished images we felt she showed a great balance in observing and interpreting the moments as they unfolded.  Our photos gave us our story from that space in time and she captured it all as it happened. Everytime my instinct told me to take a picture I was reassured from our earlier conversations during the booking process that she would have it covered.  I could relax,  enjoy the occasion and time with my guests. 

On seeing the images we chose to upgrade our package  to include a bespoke album.  The images printed and the images on the Usb were  very readable and understandable taking us  right back to our special time.  We were so delighted with the products Claire could offer us  and there was no hard sell.  I am already thinking about the next time I can use her services again! "


"Claire Frances spent the morning at my sons 5th birthday party.  She made the children all feel very comfortable and in turn produced the most wonderful pictures capturing my son, his friends and our family having fun!  Thank you so much Claire! A fabulous morning and wonderful mementos to treasure!"  

Angela Malone

"I have had a very pleasant experience. I was delighted to have my children photographed by Claire."

Nafisa Saheed

"Absolutely fabulous photos you are clearly very talented and your website is great!"


"Your photos are amazing...some really lovely natural ones!"

Christina Kashoumeri

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