Claire Frances Photography

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Hello, I'm Claire Frances a Lifestyle Portrait Photographer situated in Hertfordshire.

I have four main loves in my life... family, friends, photography and sport. The camera is part of my life when it is with is my point of view.

I love to be behind the camera watching people live their best life.  The art of anticipating moments and capturing them are very satisfying as we all know growing families and their milestone moments are full of memories to behold and treasure.

Thanks for clicking on my site I hope you enjoy browsing through my pages and want to be part of my creative process and portfolio.  If you choose me to be your photographer I am going to try my best to do right by you and give you a wonderful photographic experience.

If you are camera shy I will try and gain your trust and put you at ease, there is nothing nicer than to see the subject fall a little bit in love with the camera and the final flattering images.  Although we will start as strangers our creative journey will finish as friends.

I will listen to your brief.  I like to talk to people and get a feel for what they want from their images and then reverse engineer it from that point on.  During a session I know what compositions work so we will cover those but also make time for spontaneous action.  We shall  capture the magic of what is unfolding and the special relationships that are shared between those people... all of which is very much unique to each individual family!

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